Product tour

Instant Developer is an integrated development environment (IDE), which lets you describe entire software systems in a single relational structure; databases, applications (web and mobile), web services, components and libraries (which can also be imported).

Instant Developer contains all the operating tools you require to build your software. You can find form designers for desktop web applications…

…and form editors for mobile apps. Just choose the right form factor for your target device.

Report designers can be used for creating standard reports or become powerful tools even for creating more complex UIs.

You can drag and drop or write your code in the Visual Code Editor. It is not a text file editor, everything you write becomes part of a relational structure. And every change is fully refactored in real time.

Do you want to examine the impact of a modification or explore the relationships among the objects in your project? This is simple with Instant Developer, just use the analysis tool to keep everything under control.

When you compile, the entire solution is built for the architecture selected, both on the database level and on the application server level, generating standard and readable code.

Creating your packages ready to be published on Apple, Android and Windows app stores is just a click away.

And that’s it!